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Puppy Questions

Q:  Are we having a litter soon?  (Most frequently asked question)

A:  We have litters throughout the year.  Our wait list averages about 6 months.  By the time you see a litter announcement, the puppies are usually spoken for.  So, it is best to get on the waiting list if you think you will want a puppy soon.

Q: Will I get called, when my turn comes up on the wait list, if the litter is not from my preferred mother?

A:  It helps if you select 2 females, to receive a puppy from.  If you claim you just want a puppy from a certain litter, then the chances are we will not contact you on the availability of another litter puppy.

Q:  Can we pay more for a puppy and get to the front of the waiting list?

A:  We want to give everyone a fair chance. So unfortunately, we don't accept bribes :)  

Q:  How does your adoption process work

A:  Once you are on our waiting list and your chance comes up, we will contact you to verify you are still wanting a puppy.  A non-refundable fee will be required, and will go towards the full price of the puppy (balance due at time you pick the puppy up).  Please look at the "Our Puppies" page for complete detail about puppy selection and pick up process.

Q:  Is the color of the puppy the same as its adult color?

A:  It is not guaranteed that the puppy color will stay the same throughout its life.  Generally, the coat gets a little darker than what it is as a puppy.  Some people say a good indicator of the puppy's adult coat is the color of the puppy's ears.

Q:  Do we observe the puppies enough to know their traits, and are we able to help you pick out one with certain traits (ie. more active, less active, cuddler, dominate, timid, fearless, etc.)

A:  We are socializing with the pups daily.  At about 3 weeks old, when the selection process begins, it is extremely difficult to determine their characters.  So, we would rather not assist in the selection process, and urge all our customers to overcome the anxiety of that task.  Please note, there are many more facts to consider, as the puppy continues to mature, that will ultimately bring out its character. 

Q:  Can we come to see the puppies and make our selection when the time comes?

A:  Unfortunately, due to our concerns for the health of the puppies, we cannot allow visitors until the pups are 6-7 weeks old, and have received their first vaccines.  The selection process usually starts at 3 weeks of age.

Q:  When do we get to pick a puppy out, and how will we know what it looks like?

A:  Please read our "Puppy Deposits and Selection".

Other Questions

Q:  Do we sell older Golden Retrievers?

A:  Very seldom do we sell an older dog.  It may happen once in two years, though.

Q:  Are our dogs checked for hip dysplasia?

A:  All our breeding Retrievers come from parents that are free from hip displasia (clear by parentage).  However, we have chosen to test most all our dogs after 2 years of age.

Q:  What other health tests do we perform on our dogs?

A:  We test our Goldens for hips and elbows, as well as perform the Embark DNA and Genetic Test.  Additionally, all our dogs are checked at least once a year by a licensed vet.

Q:  What diet do you feed your dogs?

A:  After exhaustive research and our own trials, we have settled on a combination of top quality dry food, as well as daily rations (to each dog) of mackerel, pumpkin, and vitamins.  For a full description of our nutritional guidelines, click this LINK.






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